Kommute - offline access to your favorite sites

Whether you're underground or 30,000 feet in the air, it's the only daily news app that serves you the latest websites without an internet connection.

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Your websites, anywhere

The only offline news reader that gives you web-like access

Any website, anywhere

Stay connected when you don't have signal, and be up to date on the latest news & entertainment


Kommute intelligently crawls pages for data that it will need when you're disconnected

Always on time

Kommute can remind you when it's time to download news, before you hop on the subway

Data conscious

Web sites are large, so Kommute won't download anything in the background if you don't want it to

Easy to use

Just add your favorites, Kommute will handle the rest

Not just for the subway

Use Kommute while travelling internationally too

Take it anywhere

Every day, we are more and more connected. Don't miss out on the latest news when you can't get signal


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